Why Fair Trade Software?

Fair Trade Software leads to greater social and economic sustainability.

Impact sourcing plus...

The IT market in developing countries is growing fast, but still limited. Large IT projects are awarded to foreign suppliers because local companies do not have all of the technical or project management skills to deal with the complexity. IT companies therefore find themselves working on small scale, low value projects whilst the clients in developing countries are saddled with the costs of importing high value foreign IT services.

Whilst IT infrastructure and education in developing countries have progressed, the IT sector is still under-developed and IT graduates struggle to find employment. Fair Trade Software creates employment opportunities allowing small IT companies to develop the skills and experience of their employees and in doing so improve their business capability.

Fair Trade Software combines principles of Fair Trade and “Impact Sourcing”. Impact Sourcing is a global initiative to bring internet-based jobs to disadvantaged communities. The Fair Trade Software model goes beyond Impact Sourcing by creating partnerships with small local IT businesses to stimulate their growth and competitiveness


What are the benefits?

For IT Customers

Having the FTSF logo visible on your user interface motivates and engages staff and clients

The FTSF logo on-screen acts as a visible demonstration of your commitment to CSR

You contribute to creating jobs and growing capability in developing countries without compromising on quality

FTSF registered Providers have a proven track record in designing and delivering quality IT solutions

You can keep working with your preferred supplier, all you have to do is register the project and ask your supplier to start the approval process.

Register a project

For Providers

Competitive advantage of being able to offer Fair Trade certified solutions

As an approved Provider you demonstrate your commitment to CSR which motivates and engages staff and clients.

Access to a network of Partners in developing countries. This currently includes Kenya and Cambodia. Partners in Nepal, Ghana, Bolivia, and Vietnam are being evaluated.

Advice on identifying and connecting with new Partners

Guidance and support on collaborating with FTSF Partners and working to the FTSF standards from IT professionals with firsthand experience of Fair Trade Software projects.

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For Partners in developing countries

Access to a network of respected IT companies in developed countries

Increased revenues through access to new markets

Access to coaching and training from experienced software developers and IT project managers

Involvement in developing world class software solutions for projects ranging in size and complexity

Knowledge and expertise through collaboration

Increased competitiveness in domestic and local markets

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