The FTSF Standards promote fair practices for software co-development. These standards apply to both Providers and Partners.

FTSF Standards

The FTSF standards are intended to ensure the working
relationship between Providers and Partners is conducted in
accordance with Fair Trade Principles.

Furthermore, they ensure that both Providers and Partners
enact working practices that are consistent with FTSF policies on
working conditions and sustainability.

Standards for Providers

To qualify as a Provider the company must be a software development firm located in an OECD or newly industrialised country. Providers must have the necessary resources and expertise to train Partner employees. They must be committed to CSR and the principles of the FTSF. Providers must be capable of providing project management, technical design & architecture, as well as being the interface between customers and Partners.

  1. Standards for Developed Providers

Standards for Partners

A Partner must be an IT company located in a developing country and employing between 5 and 250 staff. Partners must work with local talent and should be willing to adopt practices that will benefit the local community.

  1. Standards for Partners