How it works

The FTSF symbol can be applied to any software that has been registered with FTSF and developed according to the FTSF standards.


Once an It company is registered as either a Provider or Partner, the process simply involves registering the project. FTSF will then monitor the project process to ensure that the Fair Trade standards and practices are being followed.

The Fair Trade Software process diagram

Click Here to download the complete Fair Trade Software Development Process



It is our goal to make the Fair Trade Software scheme as accessible as possible. For this reason we have developed a flexible fee system which is linked to organizational turnover and revenue from Fair Trade Software projects.

The annual membership fee covers the costs of:

auditing the organization for compliance with FTSF principles and standards

management and organization costs associated with administering the scheme

provision of advice and guidance related to identifying partners

provision of advice and guidance on managing partner relationships

promotion of FTSF projects

promotion of Fair Trade Software Standards in general

The project monitoring fee covers the cost of periodically assessing the software development project process to ensure that it is being carried out in accordance with FTSF standards and principles.



Application is quick and easy, simply complete the on-line application form. There is a one off application fee of Euros 100 which should be transferred at the time of application.

Application Form

Before completing and submitting your application we recommend that you read the Conditions for Accreditation and Standards for prospective members


Symbol and Logo Use

The FTSF symbol for Software Solutions

Only projects that have been certified as complying with Fair Trade Software Standards are entitled to display the Fair Trade Software symbol.

The symbol should be displayed on the final (consumer) software interface except where we agree there is a good reason for not doing so.

Use of the FTSF symbol, mention of accreditation by FTSF or claims of compliance with FTSF standards are reserved for fully accredited members and registered projects only.

The FTSF Logo for Providers and Partners

Only accredited organizations have the right to use the FTSF logo.

The FTSF logo may appear along with the entity’s own logo on emails, websites, stationary (letterheads, envelopes, visiting cards, etc.), promotional materials (brochures, leaflets, books, CDs, etc.), vans and cars, press releases and signs at business premises.

The FTSF logo may never appear alone and must take secondary place to the entity’s own logo.


Guidelines for Symbol Use

The symbol must appear:

complete and upright

in proportion to the product description

at least 10mm in diameter