About the FTSF

We are a not-for-profit organisation applying an internationally recognized Fair Trade model to the IT sector. We aim to create growth and opportunity in the IT Sector in developing countries through global partnerships.

About us

The FTSF was founded in 2011. Since then we have been busy:

evolving Fair Trade standards and processes to fit software development

carrying out pilot projects to test our model

obtaining international Fair Trade accreditation

raising funds to support the above activities

The Fair Trade Software development model has been tried and tested and is now ready for widespread commercial use.

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Board of Directors

Prof. Peter Wagacha, University of Nairobi;
Board member with responsibility for Academic Liaison, Developing Countries

Dr Neil P. Carmichael, CEO Pacific Green Technologies;
Board member with responsibility for Corporate and Government Liaison

Mr Ernst Van Weperen, The Hague University of Applied Sciences;
Board member with responsibility for Sustainability and Shared Value Creation

Mr Andy Haxby, Director Competa IT BV;
Board member with responsibility for Standards and Certification

Board member with responsibility for Government Liaison, Developing Countries

Board member with responsibility for Technology Community Liaison


Our mission

It’s our goal to help grow the software development industry
in developing economies by:

providing access to EU markets

building the skills and experience required to service their local markets

IT infrastructure and education has progressed in developing countries resulting in an increasing number of qualified graduates. However, IT projects are still often offshored due to a perceived lack of local capability. Local companies do not have the opportunity to develop the necessary design and project management skills to take on larger projects, restricting growth and employment opportunities.

The IT market in many developing economies has not evolved sufficiently, so economies reliant on export of low-value goods are forced to import high-value IT services. The FTSF was founded to break this cycle. We have translated Fair Trade principles into a pioneering approach to software development.

Fair Trade Software allows businesses to increase the impact of their CSR activities by creating growth opportunities and redressing trade imbalance.


What we do

We set the standards in Fair Trade Software and check compliance with those standards.


FTSF certification is an independent guarantee that internationally recognized Fair Trade standards were followed with independent monitoring and certification throughout the software development process.


Through our international membership scheme we connect IT service providers and software development companies in developed countries (Providers) with small software development firms in developing countries (Partners) to deliver world class IT solutions.

Together with our members, we contribute to social and economic sustainability by creating employment and training opportunities in developing countries. In this way we are helping to build new knowledge economies.


Conference papers & presentations

We promote Fair Trade Software through conferences, events and partnerships with universities. Please contact us if you would like us to talk at your conference or event.

Example papers are below: